Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck 3.5

Bring your ideas to life with this presentation and slideshow maker.

Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create inspired presentations – whether you’re pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement.

Haiku Deck is not just for “stand-up-and-talk” presentations; it’s a powerful tool for bringing ideas to life. Here are some specific ways people have used it:

* Pitch an idea
* Add rich content to a blog or a website
* Share insights and expertise
* Sell your services
* Introduce yourself
* Teach a lesson
* Communicate your core values
* Rally support for an idea or a cause
* Present a portfolio
* Illustrate how to do something
* Capture quotes from a talk, a book, or a conference
* Give a report
* Bring a list to life
* Showcase your brand or company
* Share a personalized message
* Articulate your vision or point of view
* Tell a story
* Express an idea
* Share highlights from a trip or event
* Create a manifesto

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Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck 3.5

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